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The symbolic meaning of funeral flowers in a wreath

Flowers are more than just a part of a plant or tree. They work like a second language when words fail to do so. A flower can express emotions and sentiments which you are unable to express. It conveys a meaning message to the person who we are gifting the flower. In situations like a funeral, only words are insufficient to express your love to the ones whom you have lost. For them, you could offer a wreath to pay respect to your lost loved ones.

A wrath consists of many flowers in a ring arrangement offered on different occasions. Each occasion has a different kind of flowers depending on the situations. For funerals, the wrath consists of a single or varieties of flowers which symbolizes different emotions. Here is a list of some of the flowers which are used for making wreaths.


Lilies have a permanent place when it comes to funerals. Lilies are white in color which is closely associated with most of the good qualities. They symbolize innocence which was within the soul of the departed. The white lily symbolizes the purity and majesty while the white stargazers of the lilies, which is the popular choice for funerals, are known to specifically express sympathy.


Gladioli are a composition of many flowers and have flower stem which can be as tall as 4 feet. Their main uses include fan sprays in an arrangement which look both classic as well as elegant to the eyes. The gladiolus expresses a lot of symbols. Some of the emotions are character strength, sincerity, and moral integrity. Gladioli are also known for their variety of colors which includes red, white, yellow, green, salmon and purple.


Roses are flowers which can be used in most of the situations. They could be used in parties as well as funerals. They bring about a sense of beauty among all the flowers in the wreath. Roses come I different colors with the white roses depicting humility, youthfulness, reverence, and innocence and the red ones convey love, respect, and courage. The dark crimson roses are mainly used in funerals as they denote sorrow and grief.


For the purpose of funerals, carnations are a popular choice. They have a very good fragrance which lasts very long. Carnations come in two colors, namely, red and pink. The red colored carnations stand for admiration whereas the pink carnations depict remembrance. The white carnations are a symbol of pure love and innocence.


Chrysanthemums are mainly for funeral purposes as they represent symbols for death. Different countries have different meanings and symbols. They have only used in the graves or funerals purposes in most of the European countries such as Italy, Poland, France, and Croatia. In Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan, Chrysanthemums specifically symbolizes lamentation and grief.


It is impossible to bring back your loved ones to life once they have left the world. But you could certainly offer a wreath with any of these flowers to express your love and respect towards them.